Brian Allan Harris CO - Revenue Growth   Business Lending    Event Management   Media
A Small Business Solutions Company Located
in South Florida
Think of us as your personal "Business Concierge"  
Small Business Lending
Consumer Financing Programs
Revenue Growth Solutions
Service Delivery Solutions
Marketing Plans
Staff Training & Development Plans
Quick Turn Around Sales Plans
 Business Event Services
Business Mystery Shop Programs
HR Solutions
Staffing Support 

To meet the challenges of a changing economy, we are consistently staying abreast of new ideas, products and services that can assist our clients reach their business goals. 

Talent Management
Event Management
Global Media & News


Taking Advantage of our Services

  • Saves Money to your Bottom Line
  • Securing Financing you Want and Need
  • Frees up Staff for other Task
  • Opens Access to Great Candidates
  • No up front out of Pocket Expenses
  • Peace of Mind
  • Increased Revenue/Sales "Grow your Bottom Line"
  • Better Trained and Prepared Staff



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