Brian Allan Harris CO - Revenue Growth   Business Lending    Event Management   Media
A Small Business Solutions Company Located
in South Florida
Think of us as your personal "Business Concierge"  
Business & Commercial Lending
Business Owner Credit Repair
Consumer Financing Programs
Revenue Growth Solutions
Service Delivery Solutions
Marketing Plans
Staff Training & Development Plans
Quick Turn Around Sales Plans
 Business Event Services
Business Mystery Shop Programs
HR Solutions
Staffing Support 

To meet the challenges of a changing economy, we are consistently staying abreast of new ideas, products and services that can assist our clients reach their business goals. 

Talent Management
Event Management
Global Media & News


Taking Advantage of our Services

  • Saves Money to your Bottom Line
  • Securing Financing you Want and Need
  • Frees up Staff for other Task
  • Opens Access to Great Candidates
  • No up front out of Pocket Expenses
  • Peace of Mind
  • Increased Revenue/Sales "Grow your Bottom Line"
  • Better Trained and Prepared Staff



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